The Tokina Cinema Vista Primes are a set of 12 high-speed T1.5 prime lenses for cinematography applications that cover up to Vista Vision and beyond, making them compatible with all modern cinema cameras that incorporate large sensors. The lenses are known for their gentle roll-off from subject to the foreground, nearly zero focus breathing, low chromatic aberrations even at wide-open T1.5, and a bit more than large-format sensor coverage (full-frame plus). For price and availability explore the Product List at the end of the article.

These are the major features of the Tokina Vista Primes:

  • Nearly zero focus breathing
  • T1.5 through to T22 Iris range
  • Use of aspherical elements and modern coatings, exceptionally low chromatic aberration
  • Ground-up New Large Format Cinema Design
  • The image circle of 46.7mm covers FF35 and beyond to VistaVision format
  • Clearly marked focus and Iris scales on both sides
  • Consistent 114mm front outer diameter
  • 112mm screw-in filter size
  • Consistent length of lenses
  • 9 bladed Iris for rounded bokeh aesthetic
  • No image shift in rack focus
  • Robust high-quality aluminum and brass construction material
  • Changeable mount with Shims available in PL,LPL, E, Sony E, and MFT